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Ali’s story: i carry your heart with me Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Posted by carryapoem in Stories.

When I was thinking ‘Carry a Poem’, I realised that I carried lots of bits of poems (because my memory is dreadful and I can’t remember an entire poem) but there wasn’t just one that I could point to as being ‘the one’ that I carried. So how do you find one to carry?

Then in the way that when you hear an unusual word or think of a song you haven’t heard in ages, you seem to start hearing it everywhere, and so it was with ‘carrying a poem’. I was reading some poems by e.e.cummings because I like his work very much, flicking through lots of his stuff and not really thinking about any one thing in particular and I came across his poem ‘I carry your heart with me’. Love poetry isn’t my bag, I’ll confess, but this one stopped me dead because life’s been pretty tough recently and someone who means everything to me isn’t close to me anymore, and the line ‘i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)’ expresses in words what I’ve been feeling.

Years ago, when my dad died, I wrote the words ‘I’ll carry you with me always’ on the card on the wreath I laid on his grave, and now, stumbling across this E.E. Cummings poem, I realise that line from his poem is what I was thinking then, and what I have been thinking recently.  It’s what I feel about all those who have somehow gone from me – all the people who’ve made me who I am.

I’m incredibly comforted by this poem, its loyalty and devotion, but in particular by that one line which is about much more. It stops me feeling lonely; it gives me hope.

And now it’s in my wallet…reminding me every day.

Read the poem.


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