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Jenny’s story: ‘Tell me a story’… Friday, 8 January 2010

Posted by carryapoem in Stories.

There is one simple little poem I have carried for ages. Cut out of a magazine, stuck into a scrapbook. Then I chucked the whole scrapbook but saved the page where it was pasted…that made its way into another scrapbook.

Occasionally I find it in its bookshelf by chance or attempted clear out and I re-read it. Sometimes it even falls helpfully out of its scrapbook and lies on the carpet right side up as if it wants to be read.

Its not particularly great or profound literature but it makes me happy every time I read it over a period of over 20 years. And that’s worth carrying for me.

Here it is. I hope you enjoy it too.

‘Tell me a story,’
Says Witch’s child,
‘About the Beast
So fierce and wild.
About a Ghost
That shrieks and groans,
A Skeleton
That rattles bones,
About a Monster
Something nice
To make me sleepy.’

PS If anyone knows who wrote this, that would be nice to know.


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