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Twitter’s Stories – Poems on iPhones Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Posted by edincityoflit in Behind the Scenes, Stories.

Over at Twitter, @carryapoem fans are uploading their shots of the poems they carry – from iPhones to postit notes. The buzz about people carrying poems is building – @EdinSpotlight carries R L Stevenson’s ‘The Lamplighter’, @Lemon_squeezy carries ‘The Horses’ by Edwin Morgan.

We are looking for unusual and interesting ways for folk to carry poetry – send your pics to carryapoem@cityoflterature.com, or upload them to our Flickr group yourself!




1. emma Mcilroy - Saturday, 23 January 2010

Mine is Prayer Before Birth by Louis MacNeice. Ive always loved MacNeice. he reminds me of home above all else, which when you’re 5000 miles away is nice…warm and fuzzy. so i carry a battered crappy ragged page from an old irish poetry book, in my handbag. its in there with 4 other things which remind me of where im from and keep me close in heart if not in distance – a photo of my nana, a photo of my family, my mum’s engagement ring and a note from my first love.

The sounds he uses and combines, the imagery he throws at you, the harsh reality of what he says……. i just love it. if i have to narrow it down, I think the thing i love most about this poem is the words he chooses…. and the sounds they make…”console”, “bloodsucking”, “dragoon” “black racks rack”…..just beautiful and stirring. so here it is – enjoy. x


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