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Making the animated trailer #3 – concept art Friday, 29 January 2010

Posted by Helen in Animation, Behind the Scenes.

Previous instalment: Making the animated trailer #2 – the pitch

Once we’d pitched our idea to City of Literature things started to happen very fast. The first task was to create a project programme, so everyone knew what needed to happen when. We had nine weeks to complete the trailer – including the Christmas break!

Next job: try not to panic.

Next: design. We needed a street that would be Edinburgh-esque, but it couldn’t be a real street. We wanted to have more different buildings (a school, a library, a bank, some shops, some houses) than you’d normally get in a single road. Adam’s first sketch (in ballpoint on the back of a printout) made us realise we also needed to play around with the scale – Edinburgh’s wide streets and tall buildings wouldn’t quite work:

First sketch of the Carry a Poem street

After much thought and drawing, Adam produced concept artwork to go to City of Literature for approval:

Carry a Poem animated trailer - concept art

The response was joyful but thoughtful – the sketches kicked off a huge discussion about which poems should be included. Were we allowed to include swearwords? (The eventual decision: no). What tone was needed – inspiration or angst? Should the poems be familiar or new?

Three cheers for the Scottish Poetry Library, and Peggy in particular, who took on the poetry selection and came up with a list of extracts that everyone was happy with… which meant that we could start having a lot of fun designing the murals!

Carry a Poem animated trailer - library mural design

Helen Jackson will be writing each week until the end of February about the production of the Carry a Poem trailer. For more blog posts about animation, take a look at Binary Fable’s blog.


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