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John’s Story: “I Told You” Thursday, 4 February 2010

Posted by edincityoflit in Stories.

The poem I carry … but cannot get onto paper! The subject of much of my thinking, when I wake early in the morning, usually around 3 or 4 am. In my semi-conscious state so often great sounding verse comes into my head and I will lie there going over and over the first few lines to try and fix it in my memory. Sometimes it stays and I can rise and write it down; but sometimes not and it disappears.

It can happen with prose too! There’s always a poem I carry in my head that doesn’t get onto paper.

Where is the reason, where the rhyme
There is verse coursing through cerebral veins
It’s dead of night and, in unearthly time,
Words, like confetti in the church yard stains.

There is also a beautiful, life-affirming poem by 19th century poet, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, called “I Told You”, which I carry on my iPod. The last of the four verses goes:

I told you that grief seldom killed, love, Though the heart might seem dead for a while But the world is so bright, and so full of warm light That ‘twould waken at length, in its smile.
Ah, love! was I not a true prophet?
There’s a sweet happy smile on your face; Your sadness has flown – the snow-drift is gone, And the buttercups bloom in its place.



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