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Getting crafty! Friday, 5 February 2010

Posted by carryapoem in Events.

Yesterday afternoon in the Scottish Poetry Library we came over all Blue Peter for Carry a Poem, and, with a little help from librarian and book artist Julie and craft magician Knitty Kitty, we made things! Kitty’s bag of tricks was full of  linen totes, buttons, patches, ribbons, needles and thread for people to customise their own Carry a Poem bag. There was also lots of ace paper, with which, by the forces of origami, one could fashion a very splendid and surprisingly robust gift bag. Julie put little luggage tags to ingenious employ, and demonstrated the art of a simple pamphlet stitch, so that people could take away their very own little books.

If you’d like to make your own Carry a Poem carrying device, but couldn’t join us yesterday, be of good cheer: we’re repeating the exercise under the tutelage of Julie and Kitty on Saturday 13 February, from 2pm here at the library. It’s free and drop in. If you’d like to bring your own paper or custom crafts, please do. And if you haven’t decided which poem you carry with you, we’ve got one or two books here that may help…

There are loads of other events happening around Edinburgh this month: check them out!


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