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Making the animated trailer #4 – storyboards Friday, 5 February 2010

Posted by Helen in Animation, Behind the Scenes.

Previous instalment: Making the animated trailer #3 – concept art

Late November 2009: we had a street design, we had poetry selections, we’d started the mural designs. Next up: we needed storyboards. We needed to work out what story we were telling, and how we were going to use the visuals to tell it.

We put together a very rough computer model of the street and used that as the basis for the storyboards. Everything apart from the buildings – the poem-carrying objects and the poetry cloud – was drawn on afterwards. We created picture tubes for the letters and paint splodges so that we could draw the cloud directly.

Carry a Poem picture tubes - paint splodges and letters

The storyboards are our chance to explore camera angles and get a feel for the action. They’re also a great way of communicating our ideas to the rest of the team. Click on the thumbnails to see the full PDF storyboards.

Carry a Poem animated trailer - storyboards

Helen Jackson will be writing each week until the end of February about the production of the Carry a Poem trailer. For more blog posts about animation, take a look at Binary Fable’s blog.


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