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Rebecca’s Story: ‘Epistle to Davie’ by Robert Burns Thursday, 11 February 2010

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I chose to carry around the poem, EPISTLE TO DAVIE because i liked the ‘davie’ part in the name.  It sounded awesome. I carry it in my hand today as i don’t have any pockets in my leggings or my jumper.

from ‘Epistle to Davie, a Brother Poet’


While winds frae aff Ben-Lomond blaw,
An’ bar the doors wi’ driving snaw,
An’ hing us owre the ingle,
I set me down to pass the time,
An’ spin a verse or twa o’ rhyme,
In hamely, westlin jingle.
While frosty winds blaw in the drift,
Ben to the chimla lug,
I grudge a wee the great-folk’s gift,
That live sae bien an’ snug:
I tent less, and want less
Their roomy fire-side;
But hanker, and canker,
To see their cursed pride.

Read the whole poem

Rebecca is a pupil at South Queensferry High School.


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