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Lesley’s Story: ‘Room 101’ Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Posted by edincityoflit in Stories.

I am loving the carryapoem idea.

When I was 6 I had to read a poem to the entire school.  I was very shy but managed to do it – I am now 45 and I have never forgotten the poem and I don’t know if I ever knew the author:

The little furry rabbits
Sit very very still
And peep at me across the grass
As I go up the hill
And if I venture near them
To join them in their play
A flash of white and they have gone
Not one of them will stay

I also enjoy poetry and have written some pieces which I publish via www.poemhunter.com. They are a little bit special, some are my Grandmother’s as she wrote poems too:

What a dreary world it would be
If there were no tales of Fantasy!
No Mister Rabbit, no Mister Mouse,
No Wicked Witch, no Mushroom House;
No Fairy Princess, Queen or King,
No handsome Prince, no magic ring;
No gay Frog, no grumpy Toad
Who in dark ponds has his abode.
No castle turrets on a hill,
No fierce Dragon in dungeon chill;
No fairy ring in meadow green,
No Gnomes, no Elvins, to be seen;
These would be missed should this come true,
By all children, and grown-ups, too.

By Phyllis Jermy (my grandmother)

I wrote a poem about the English Justice system called “Room 101” in 2000 – it is quite in depth but it is written from the heart.

from Room 101

Lord Woolf wants a “regime”, which is liberalisation;
Professor Richard Susskind OBE wants courtroom IT;
The Lord Chancellor wants contemporary, alternative and privatisation;
I want a fair justice system for all, and publically!



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