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Making the animated trailer #6 – music Friday, 19 February 2010

Posted by Helen in Animation, Behind the Scenes.

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The music for the Carry a Poem trailer was composed by Adam Brewster, the other half of Binary Fable. I’m going to ask him a few questions about how he went about writing it.

Helen: You wrote the music after the animation was complete. Why’s that?

Adam: So that I knew where the significant points needed to be in the music, and I was sure they wouldn’t change.

Helen: Can you tell me a little about how you got started?

Adam: The first thing was to think of a tune (this usually happens in the shower, but in this case I woke up in the middle of the night with the tune in my head. I could still remember it in the morning, so I wrote it down). Then I embellished the tune in my mind and started to think about what instruments would give the effects I wanted.

After that, I sat down at the computer and worked out the timings. I needed to make sure that all the “hit points” in the action were matched by hit points in the music.

Helen: Did you have a particular style of music in mind, or did the style develop as you worked?

Adam: I felt very strongly that a dance/electronica piece would work best with the visuals.

Helen: The music’s very catchy (my favourite characterisation was from reading champion Colm who described it as an “earworm”!). Was that one of your main aims?

Adam: No.

I’m glad it turned out that way, though!

Helen: Finally, tell me about that vocoder…

Adam: If you listen very carefully, there are moments when the music seems to be saying “carry a poem”. This is, in fact, me, saying “carry a poem” – modulated through the synthesiser software to give a slightly ghostly, robotic singing effect (in a way that hasn’t been heard since Mr Blue Sky…!).

Carry a Poem animated trailer - writing the music

Helen Jackson will be writing each week until the end of February about the production of the Carry a Poem trailer. For more blog posts about animation, take a look at Binary Fable’s blog.


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