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Epic Poetry: Clovenstone Primary in Holyrood Park Tuesday, 30 March 2010

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On Monday 22nd February class P3/4 from Clovenstone Primary arrived in Holyrood Park to learn more about the people who inhabited the Edinburgh area around 600AD through the epic Celtic poem ‘Y Gododdin’ which recounts the tale of a mighty war band feasting in ‘Din Eidyn’ before riding off to a heroic defeat by the Angles at the battle of ‘Catraeth’.

The new warriors were greeted by characters from the poem and during a busy and productive morning made their own helmets to protect them in battle, created stunning gold torques to decorate themselves, learned how to make wattle fencing to defend their settlement and made clay cups for drinking their mead!

Next they had a great feast before venturing out into the park to learn more about the poem and the landscape of the past. When they reached the summit there was a surprise attack by the invading Angles but our brave warriors stood firm to save the day and on their triumphant return created their own epic poem based on the day’s adventures – here it is:

The Gododdin 2010

I was a brave warrior and fought in a battle with the Gododdin today.

I enjoyed climbing up the hill.

Fourteen new warriors arrived in Mynyddog’s mountain court to drink their mead and train for battle.

Before we started the battle, we had a feast.

On the trip we had a battle.

We were battling the Angles.

We defended Mynyddog Mwynfaur – the wealthy mountain – against the invading army.

It was my favourite part, I got hit in the head!

Fearsome battle cries under bright blue skies!

The Gododdin battle cry made the Angles shake with fear.

But the enemy stood in a line and started to fire.

We were in the middle of a battle. A weapon was thrown, it hit my hand and I suddenly dropped to the floor.

Nearly, I fell, but we still won.

I picked up a weapon and destroyed the enemy.

I won the battle and I defeated the Angles.

I was in a battle with the Angles, I was with the Gododdin and at the end all of the Gododdin were still alive.

Today I enjoyed a battle and we won the battle.

I was in a battle with the Gododdin.

The gods of wind, fire, earth and water did answer our call.

After the battle, I looked up at the sky, it was blue.

Submitted by Craig Fletcher, Historic Scotland Education Officer, on behalf of the mighty warriors.


1. Arnot - Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Well done to Craig and all the might warriors who bravely defended Mynyddog Mwynfaur.

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