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Carry a Poem is Edinburgh’s fourth citywide reading campaign, conceived and co-ordinated by Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust.

It couldn’t happen each year without the enthusiastic staff at companies all across the city: dozens of organisations and many individuals have worked together on the Carry a Poem campaign, which was run in partnership with Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust and the Scottish Poetry Library.

Artwork for the website and Carry a Poem book was created by Emily Isles – thanks, Emily.


Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature

Edinburgh is the world’s first UNESCO City of Literature, a permanent title celebrating our city built on books. The Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust charity was set up to promote literary Edinburgh and develop literary partnerships, and in 2007 created and ran the first highly successful One Book – One Edinburgh campaign, the city’s annual citywide read.

To explore our world of words, and to find out about literary events all through the year, visit www.cityofliterature.com.


Scottish Poetry Library

The Scottish Poetry Library is an independent library open and accessible to all. It is based in an award-winning building in Edinburgh and houses a collection of Scottish and international poetry in books and magazines, on tape and CD, together with a substantial children’s section. It also holds collections across Scotland, from Shetland to the Borders. The Scottish Poetry Library is receives foundation funding from the Scottish Arts Council. Visit www.spl.org.uk.


Scotland’s largest entertainment and listings magazine is dedicated to bringing readers the best in local and emerging talent. Proud to support cultural events and with an active readership, The Skinny encourages participation in the arts and music scenes and is proud to be associated with Carry a Poem. Visit www.theskinny.co.uk

Full listings of those involved – in alphabetical order

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