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The Carry a Poem book featured Scots from all walks of life talking about the poems they carry with them, and why they mean so much.

Thousands of free copies of the Carry a Poem collection were distributed around Edinburgh during February 2010.

Poems and Stories

While there are no print books left, most of the content in the book, plus many more of the stories and poems, can be found throughout this website – and we want you to tell us how you carry your most meaningful poem.

You can also send us a picture of you carrying your poem – on your T-shirt, as a tattoo, stuck to your fridge. Email it to carryapoem@cityofliterature.com.

The Book

Several pages from the Carry a Poem book are below – due to copyright, we are unable to put the entire book online. You can still read many of the poems and stories submitted to the blog, along with the poetry pocketcards.

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