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Over the next few months we’ll be working with Holyrood High School, our Poetry School, as they find fun, interesting and educational ways to carry poems during the campaign month in February.

They’ll be sharing some of these ideas with you on this site in January and February 2010. But for now, get your thinking caps on (your cap will have a poem on it of course) and see if you can come up with some ideas of your own.

Here are a few activities to start you off, which may lend themselves to different curriculum areas.  You can also have a sneak peek at a Schools page from the Carry a Poem book.

Next week, download our special Carry a Poem poster, featuring a new poem by Diana Hendry.

Download all the Carry a Poem worksheets (PDF)

How to carry a poem - worksheet

Download “How to carry a poem” worksheet: PDF | Word

Make an origami poem box

















Download “Make an origami poem box” worksheet: PDF | Word

Poetry Wristband

















Download “Poetry wristband” worksheet: PDF | Word

Pocket-sized booklets

















Download “Pocket-sized booklets” worksheet: PDF | Word


How to carry a poem | Origami poem box | Poetry wristband | Pocket-sized booklets | All the worksheets

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