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Jennifer, Luke, Andrew, and Scott’s Stories Monday, 15 February 2010

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Jennifer carries Robert Burns’ “A red, red rose,”

“my love is like a red red rose

that’s newly sprung in june:

my love is like a melody

that’s sweetly played in tune”

Luke carries The Bogeyman by Andrew Fusek Peters, preferring the line:

“His mind a foggy twilight

Filled with a darkening drink.”

Andrew carries Black Friday by James Copeland, where his favourite stanza is:

“Anyone a witness?
Naw, we never saw,
Glad ah’m no’ the polis,
Goin’ tell its maw”.

Scott carries the anonymous poem The Ghoul, where he likes the stanza:

“The gruesome ghoul,the grisly ghoul,without the slightest noise waits patiently beside the school to feast on girls and boys.”

DAVID’S STORY: “SAY CHEESE” Thursday, 11 February 2010

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David carries the poem “Say Cheese” by Andrew Fusek Peters.  David writes, “I have picked this poem because I like cheese and I also like the poem because it’s weird.”

You can read the text of the poem here.