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BIOGRAPHY – DINAH HAWKEN Wednesday, 6 January 2010

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Dinah Hawken is a New Zealand poet, born in Hawera in 1943.  She now lives in Wellington.  Her first book of poetry, It Has No Sound and Is Blue was published in 1987.

Jocelyn’s story: Signs by Dinah Hawken Wednesday, 25 November 2009

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I carry in my wallet a poem by the NZ poet Dinah Hawken – I clipped it from a weekly magazine, The Listener. I work for the Red Cross and think it would be a perfect poem to show people or read out at a Red Cross occasion:


And a cross? Is it the wrong answer
or is it the kiss we send out to make

light of our love? Is it the crossing
of my standpoint and your viewpoint

or an intersection with no lights
in a foreign city? Some say it is simply

the centre of the four directions, the place
we return to and most want to be.

Dinah Hawken (2009)

Jocelyn Keith is from NZ. She works for the Red Cross.