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Leon’s Story: ‘What Do You Think About Heaven then, Sir?’ Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Posted by edincityoflit in Stories.

I love the Carry A Poem concept, such an excellent thing.

The poem I carry with me is “What do you think about heaven then, sir?” by Sheenagh Pugh, which is part of Earth Studies, a nineteen poem ‘history of the world’.

This poem speaks to me like no other, extracting a wide range of emotions in one reading. Despite being an emotional roller coaster, it is written thoughtfully with beautiful candidness.

In darker moments, I am forever cursing the world, but this poem – in its stark honesty – kindly reminds me that life is preferable to death, and we must all be thankful for our temporary possession of it. Appreciate the good, make use of the bad, and live each day to its fullest.

For me it is the poetic equivalent of my favourite film, Harold and Maude, and thus, deserves to be shared and appreciated in its entirety.

from What do you think about heaven then, sir?

If you really want to know

what I think about heaven, the truth is

I think I lived there.

Perhaps if people heeded the intentions in this poem, appreciating the life we have now instead of obsessing about the one after, the world would be a better place.

Leon A.C. Qualls is a Glaswegian Writer who travelled around 25 countries and ended up in Edinburgh. He couldn’t find his way home if he tried, and thus, he doesn’t. www.leonacqualls.com