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BIOGRAPHY – SOPHIE HANNAH Wednesday, 6 January 2010

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Sophie Hannah was born in 1971 in Manchester, and is a poet, novelist and children’s writer. She was included in the Poetry Book Society’s choice of ‘Next Generation’ poets, and her Selected Poems is published by Penguin.

Hannah studied English Literature and Spanish at the University of Manchester, and has held posts at Cambridge, Oxford and Manchester Metropolitan University’s Writing School. She lives in Yorkshire with her husband and two children.

Find out more about Sophie Hannah through the Scottish Poetry Library’s Poets A-Z.

Aly’s story: The Cancellation by Sophie Hannah Wednesday, 25 November 2009

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I first encountered this poem when a work colleague (Emma Turnbull) suggested it as a response to a poem about Dr Seuss’ problems with PCs I gave her.

I like to listen to poetry; for some reason funny poetry is the only kind I really enjoy reading in my head. I assume that this is because there is too much free space in my head and difficult poetry has a hard time finding brain cells to stick to. I now send the poem to anyone on any occasion I’m involved in that gets cancelled – I would even, potentially, engineer the cancellation of an event just to have an excuse to get more people to read it.

Sending someone a poem that’s so specifically tailored to such a specific situation makes them think I’m all clever and have a poem for any occasion. I only have two poems for any situation. No situation has yet arisen that requires the other poem (which starts “There was a young man from Nantucket….”).

I don’t actually carry the poem as Sophie Hannah has it posted on her website so it’s easy to find whenever I need it.

Aly Barr works for the Scottish Arts Council.