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Edinburgh Carried a Poem throughout February 2010, as part of our annual City of Literature reading campaign. We gave away thousands of free Carry A Poem books & poetry pocketcards, and ran a month of special poetry events.

February may be over, but you can still Carry a Poem, and share your story.

Poetry Projections: Edinburgh Lights Up For February

How Do You Carry Yours? Share how you carry your poem choice.

Alan Cumming carries his in his heart,  Lorraine Kelly pins hers to her jacket, Jocelyn has one in her wallet and Steve carries several in his head. Bruntsfield Nursery wrote their own poem, Frank shared his with his RAF colleagues and Holly carries Tom Leonard’s The 6 O’Clock News.

Poetry Gets Animated: the Carry a Poem Campaign Trailer

Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature

Edinburgh is the world’s first UNESCO City of Literature, a permanent title celebrating our city built on books. The Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust charity was set up to promote literary Edinburgh and develop literary partnerships, and in 2007 created and ran the first One Book – One Edinburgh campaign, the highly successful annual citywide read. Carry a Poem is the fourth such campaign from the City of Literature Trust.

Scottish Poetry Library

The Scottish Poetry Library is an independent library open and accessible to all. It is based in an award-winning building in Edinburgh and houses a collection of Scottish and international poetry in books and magazines, on tape and CD, together with a substantial children’s section. It also holds collections across Scotland, from Shetland to the Borders. The Scottish Poetry Library receives foundation funding from the Scottish Arts Council.